alice-the 2011-2012 president of the association..see wonderland.

baptismal-the condo pool to be converted to a baptismal as part of the shrine..see shrine.

bucket list-stuff i need..most of which will fit in a bucket.

cheesy bits-one of my favorite people snacks.

chippies-chipmunks..i like to eat them.

condo-the multi-story condominium building in nashville..tennessee..usa..that i have adopted as home..not sure of the wisdom of that decision.

controllers-residents..including plaintiffs..who want to control the way of life at the condo.

deep throat-my inside secret informant..named after the watergate informant.

dell-ol dell-dellmo-saint dellmo-the computer i found in the dumpster that allows me to communicate..shift key and comma key dont caps..commas..etc.

foo foo dogs-any pampered mutt that yaps instead of barking.

ghandi letter-the letter to all residents that brought peace and love to the condo.  see appendix for the letter.

gopo-grumpy old plaintiff one..see plaintiff.

kill lill committee-the group that wanted me silenced.

king of hearts-plaintiff one..see plaintiff..gopo.

kool aide-propaganda.

law suit-the law suit brought by obtain the private information..of residents..contained in the associations financial reports..access to private information was denied.

lillys gift shop-my enterprise to make money at the shrine..see shrine.

lilly tv-my brilliant idea for communication and be installed in the condo lobby.

luge of fire-the vehicle one rides down the spiralling rings of hell.

mahatma prez-2011-2012 association president..aka of the ghandi letter.

miracle-the transformation of the vitriolic atmosphere of the peace and love..after the publication of the ghandi letter..see appendix.

monkey minds-the primitive..childish like..brain process that seems to control the residents of the condo.

orwell award-award i give when a resident comes up with some nit-wit idea to control the rest of the residents.

parking garage-two story condo parking structure that provides me shelter.

plaintiff– one of two residents who sued the condo association..summer of 2011..because they wanted to see the private information of the other residents..contained in one of the financial reports.

pollyannas-residents who claim not to read the blog because it is politically incorrect..they read in secret.

poppinite – pollyanna..member of 2013-2014 board.

queen of hearts-plaintiff two..see plaintiff.

shrine-the scheme to make money off of the miracle..see miracle.

site of the miracle at wonderland-see shrine.

weswonderlands edward snowden.

witches-group doing the bidding of the controllers..see controllers..ref. macbeth..act iv..scene i.

woodstock-my term for the condo after the miracle..see miracle.

wonderland-my original name for the condo since the antics therein resembled alice in wonderland.


Hello to my fellow neighbors.

In case you’re new to our community I’m xxxxxx your current president for the xxxxx Board of Directors. As president of the all volunteer board here at our home atop these beautiful hills, it is my job along with my fellow board members, to protect our shared and common property as outlined in the by-laws of our association and to maintain our surroundings in order to preserve and perhaps increase the values of our most important assets, our homes. Beyond the intrinsic value afforded to us as property owners and renters, there is a more far-reaching intangible value that is beyond my reach.

This intangible value held within our community’s walls has a far greater impact on the actual wealth of our assets than any president, board, or law can ever hope to affect. This “intangible value” is the culture in which we live. Where we as homeowners and renters affect the wealth of our community and its “intangible value” is when the very basic fabric of civility is tossed aside like an old rag. As of late and over the course of many years there has been a culture of incivility and of intrusiveness that although I believed started off with the best of intentions, has turned into a cycle of reward and abuse.

This unhealthy culture has been further exacerbated by many unfortunate and ego-driven campaigns against certain camps or groups in this community. Whether anyone is right or wrong is of no value to me since it is proven that no group will ever feel that they have been granted the favored position for which they both seek. The truth is we’re all in the same boat. Why would you punch a hole in the bottom of your neighbor’s hull when all that is going to happen is that we are all going to sink? Unfortunately that is where we are in our community. Although there has been some unfortunate behavior lately, I do see some neighbors looking out for one another and lending a helping hand when in need.

The issues we as a community need to address are steeped in the culture of this building and in my opinion are counter to the very fabric of civility. When civility is abandoned there is no common decency and therefore a loss of faith and trust in people ensues. I would like to address what I think our common issues are. I believe they can be fixed:

1.Respect: Everyone, regardless of your personal views, needs to be treated with a measure of respect. This common respect that we all practice in our daily lives is the face we all wear in public and it is what makes living with others possible and pleasant. Beyond the social respect common among us there is a deeper respect that touches people’s lives when they have relationships in communities. Respect on a relationship level does not occur because someone is older, or because someone has lived here the longest, or because they are smarter or prettier or younger. This relational respect happens because it is earned. To expect respect based on a tenured view and then deny it to others on even the most basic level is ridiculous. Yet many in this building practice this method and are then unhappy that no one seems to bow to them as they would wish. The worst part of my day it seems is opening any e-mail that is associated with the xxxx Association because the level of disrespect and entitled egoism that is communicated towards me from a small minority of people is reprehensible. I do not take anything personal, however, it is uncalled for and unnecessary and it creates all sorts of hostilities where there should be none.

Regardless of what many of you have been led to believe the building is not falling apart and everything is getting done. So if you feel you are being disrespected ask yourself if you are showing respect to others. If you feel you have shown respect to others and they do not reciprocate then perhaps they too have been a victim of venomous disrespect for which seems to be prevalent here. I pray it comes to an end sooner than latter. We all have such wonderful and rich lives. Can’t we all just give each other a break? Especially, since some of our neighbors are not well physically.

2. Control: Control seems to be the biggest issue facing our community and in any corporate body there needs to be a level of managerial control for the functioning body to succeed. There are changes being made as to how this corporate body is functioning on a managerial level. Change is not always easy but corporately we are fine and these changes are being implemented to bring our community into a more harmonious state. Where the breakdown has occurred is with those who feel they need to control what they “dislike,” meaning that they want to be able to legislate corporately in the rules what a neighbor can and cannot do based on their “taste” or “distaste” for something or someone. This is the rub and the main point of contention in the building. If the laws of our country, our state, and our association are a framework for anything then they are a framework for us to live free and happy lives. Fortunately the framework presented in our deed, charter and bylaws, for what is acceptable and what is not, is sound and therefore to be trusted in developing fair rules for our community. The association’s attorney and your board will make sure that these new rules will not surpass what those founding documents allow. If I do nothing else while on this board and as president but to protect the rights of the residents, then I will feel that I have made a difference and accomplished something. I believe that so much pain and suffering can be avoided if we were able to talk on a more personal level when we feel we have been wronged rather than using the “policy” route to make a point.

3. Discrimination: From day one we have all the rights and privileges afforded to us as outlined in our deeds, by-laws, and or leases. Weather we rent or own we all have rights. Perhaps the level of hostility exhibited by some here is based on the fact that the culture as it once existed is changing rapidly. Since we all live in the same building we all have more in common economically than we may want to admit. There is no point in discriminating against those that are all in the same boat because if we continue to degrade we will all be under water.

Suppose we all take a step back and remember those that are no longer with us and consider those that are close to that next phase of their lives. In doing this we might be able to see how clearly the pettiness of life does nothing but remind us that our lives are short. We should be living our lives to their fullest. You should be out celebrating the fact that you have a wonderful home with people who are and can be wonderful. Instead of thinking about how someone has done you wrong when you pass them in the hallway, find the courage to remember something good they did or something that you liked about them. Little changes can make for big results. This letter is not only for you but for me as well and again sorry for the length and thanks for taking the time to read it.

Peace, xxxxx

P.S If you have anything negative to say in reply to this email, I urge you to reconsider and take the first step.