demolition derby

deep throat came by with the new parking assignments..

here take a look at this..

whoa..practically everyone is changing spaces..crap..when is this going to happen..

a week from monday..

double crap..ill have to live in the woods for a few days..

what do you mean..

the old farts in that building dont adapt well to saw what happened when they redecorated the lobby..

oh yeah..i thought we were going to have to hospitalize a few..

maybe ill just camp out on the awning where i can watch everything..

think its going to be that crazy..

oh yeah..some are going to forget their new spaces..they will try and park in their old spot..but it will be occupied..they wont know what to will be pandelerium..its going to look like demolition derby out there..

it wont be nerves cant take that..

your nerves.. know how these people make you think this will really happen..

oh no way..its against everything the controllers were for..this doesnt discriminate against the renters..and doesnt reward those that march in lock dosent fit with their portrayal of the last board..look what happened to gopo..

whoa..his covered up babe-mobile lost its special spot..think he is going to be treated like everyone else..

he wont stand for it..i bet hes drafting up a new plan as we speak..he will be chasing the new board around justifying his new plan..

writing those big long middle-of-the-night emails again..he isnt going to give up his special spot..

and tweedle dum wont let this stand..after all..he is responsible for the old mess..

but the new parking is according to the rules..right..

doesnt matter..its not their rules..not the way the controllers want things around here..

so this is going to be a fun week..

be you hear it..the gnashing of teeth..

yeah..i do..