a lesson

dt skated down said..

whats up little buddy..

besides busting my butt for a solid week on the ice that no one in wonderland can figure out how to deal with..

its been an unusual week..

nothing unusual..first we were assured the snow plow was on the way..and when it never showed we were given some excuse as to why for the first time in decades we werent going to be plowed..

youre saying there was a contradiction in stories..

im saying..tell a convenient lie and if it doesnt work out start dancing around the truth..

thats harsh..

thats how things work around here..lie first..make up excuses second..i hope you and wes are going to the board meeting tuesday to hold these people accountable..

the meeting has been canceled…


uh..no new news to discuss..

uh..no new excuses for incompetency left to give..

cant hear

you know..seriously..i think people are getting tired of the charade..

the low spark in wonderland seems to agree with you..

well im sure there is some good that has come from the last couple of years..

whats that..

mother teresaand wonderland has certainly learned some lessons..