the 400

now that i am rid of the savants that were my so called feeling free..letting the wind blow through my fur..letting….

dont let it blow up your butt fur ball..

since when did the accounting department get so vocal..


since you fired the rain makers of this blog and threatened our socioeconomic future..

rain makers..rain makers..those two couldnt pee in a boot let alone make rain..

go ahead..fuzzy butt..see how long you last without them..

ill be just fine..i locked them out of the office and kept their files..


so what have you got thats hot..

lets talk about the law suit..

lets here it fuzzy wuzzy.. guys are worse than dt and wes..

get on with it..time is money..

something the board has no concept of..

we are waiting youre getting quote wonderlands residents..the idiots that run this place..wont talk about it..

thats it..

hold on..first of all its been 398  days since its been filed..its been over eight months since this board has even made an attempt to resolve it..and this board..this board that is going to ask to be reelected..given another year to dither around in in secret..and..


and in the mean time they have been spending money on silly crap..without a budget..not to mention the lawyer fees..spending money like it came out of a monopoly game..

monopolybut why..

as one of wonderlands finest recently said..Why? Because it’s all “play money” to these “play directors “..

so wednesday..october 1..will be day 400..

we can have a 400 know the french have a popular expression make the 400 blows.. lead a reckless life..

how apropos..

400 blows..400 days of about that for a wonderland party..

we can all bring a covered dish..

how about a 400 can o tuna casserole..