advise column

dt  floated down..said..

what are you up to now fuzzy wuzzy..

im writing an advice column..


yep..the rocket scientists that down loaded almost 400 posts the other day..will be buying me tuna by the case load..when they learn this..

here it comes.. serious..this is for anyone who doesnt read the blog or doesnt believe in free speech..


our critics will love us for this..

go on..

ok here we go geniuses..scroll down to the bottom of the page..keep going..thats it all the way until you can scroll no more..see that box that says search..thats it..right below the copy right you never read..type your name it and press search..type your neighbors name..type the name of the condo..the street name..any other piece of incriminating evidence you can think of that would justify your self righteous  quest to silence this blog..

find anything..


now shut the…

whoa..hold on fireball..

hey..i was just trying to save these paranoid psychotic sniveling self righteous narcissistic bigoted homophobic politically correct whiners ..who have nothing better to do than impose their self righteousness and false sense of intellect on the rest of them the trouble of reading four years worth..of what should be pulitzer prize winning reporting..looking for something incriminating that would allow their amoral pea brains the justification to stifle the free speech of those who dare challenge the charade of their own insignificance..

nice rant cat..

1984 2

ill go call our lawyer..

see if he will take bitcoins..

where did you get bitcoins..