condo envy

dt pops down..says..

fire up ol delmo bob woodward ive got a scoop..

this ought to be good..

no..hang on..this is big..there is a movement to rewrite wonderlands by-laws..toss out the old ones..


well..the excuse is they are too hard to read..

are they written in greek..






then what..


wait..check and see if all the fur is still on my head..i felt something pop..are you by-golly kidding me..english is too hard to read..what self proclaimed genius cant understand the condo by-laws..what are they going to replace them with a dick and jane primer..a by-laws for idiots..maybe something with cartoon illustrations..sweet bast in about to have a conniption…

settle down..heres where my sleuthful investigative prowess comes into play..

cant understand the by-laws my fur covered…

look..sweetness..its a ruse..

a what..

a  trick..a stratagem..

to do what..

rewrite the by-laws so the residents of wonderland can be assessed..

whoa..wa whoa whoa whoa..this really is big..

told you..

so..we have people wanting to rewrite wonderlands by-laws..the constitution..under the ruse of making it easier for the over-educated illiterate to understand..and then they slip in the ability to assess everyone for untold sums of money..

and just like the rules they will say..oh we just cleaned up the language..brought it up to date..everything is just the same..lets get this voted on so we can go have another social..ok..everybody sing..kuummmmbaaaaayyaaaaa..

this is hot..but why does anyone want to do this..

condo envy..



condo envy..want to live like the multi-million dollar condo owners..


why dont they just move to one of those..

that requires spending their own money..this way they can upgrade the place with  someone elses money..

we better spread the word on this one..