dt slinked down said..

well ff..

not funny..what brings you down to the center of the fictional blog deep throat..

i like it better when you call me dt..

and i like it better when im refered to as lilly the cat..

got it..anyway i was thinking..

here it comes..

no..i think you will like this..

go on..

well the annual meeting is coming up and i thought that we should elect board members according to what end of the building they live on..


you know..the west-end versus the east-end..


have you noticed the difference in the condition of the place since the board is mostly west-enders..


yeah look at that end of the building..it looks like kew gardens..


and the east-end..

big old tree stump upheaved from the ice storm..ground all torn up..half dead bushes..the orphans from the entrance..tree damage from the ice storm..no grass..no mulch..weeds everywhere..cigar wrappers..a port-o-let..pitiful..


so you think because the west-enders dont see the east end of the building..they dont care..

obviously..im not sure they have ever been past the front door let alone that side of the building..so if we elected board members who looked at it every day maybe someone would care..

well there you have it..im going hunting..

on the east-end..

of course..you didnt know..

know what..

its politically incorrect to hunt on the west-end..