back to the condo

deep throat popped in..sans carpet-bag..said..

we need to get off this subject of sin and..

whoa..other than pointing out your envy..i never was on this subject..

like i was trying to say..there is plenty of condo news we should be reporting on..

fine with you are done criticizing me..

you started it..

did not..

you are hopeless…anyway..lets outline what needs to be discussed regarding the condo..

     the at and t tower installation..

     the art in the lobby..

     the new parking assignments..or lack there of..

     the annual meeting..

     board elections..

hey..i heard there wasnt going to be an annual elections..


yep..the current board is going to stay on for another election..

youre crazy..

no..just telling you what i heard..some legal loop-hole in the by-laws..i think its a good idea..eliminate the strife of a meeting and election..

no way…where did you hear that..

hey..i get around..listen to stuff…

they wouldnt do that..

oh yeah..why do you think we havent had the meeting..long over due..

well thats going to upset things..ive already heard the scuttlebutt..the cauldrons are already on the fire..

im sure thats the point..the place is so calm and peaceful..why upset it..

this is going to be interesting..

its a no brainer..everything is calm and happy why change..