well now that im finally sorting out the visa business…good ol deep throat springs another one on me…i swear..i never saw this side of dt before.   maybe i shouldnt have used the term judas iscariot deep throat..but talk about retiring to sunny tel aviv… and dt throws up more road blocks than a season of the dukes of hazard…do you know you can still watch that on the ol dell.

anyway..deep throat now says if i go to tel aviv..theyll put me in quarantine..i mean.. i didnt have a clue..so i googled it…….crap…i can just see myself in room 101 with winston smith….oh come on…dont be lazy..look it up..i think that room may be in the condo basement..you people do know its a full basement..not just the half you normally see.

hey..i cant do hard time..before you know it ill be listening to johnny cash and wearing a bandana..

  so is all this really necessary..or is deep throat just trying to keep me from leaving…the condo can get along without my witty commentaries…oh yeah.. youre right.. as soon as this stops the controllers will fire up the emails..the ol suggestion box..the notes on cars..off with their heads…

well…  deep throat can continue the blog and with lilly tv i can do remote broadcasts..after all dt has been a trusted source of condo information and a lot of my writing wouldnt be possible without ol deep throat…you know.. dt hears stuff and sings like a canary….ooooooooo canaries…wait..i just drooled on the keyboa