i am an outdoor condo cat..when you read the blog you will understand why.. who has had the good fortune of finding a  computer in the trash.. even though it was a dell. the shift and comma keys don’t work so no caps or commas.. probably why somebody chunked it.  anyway..i started out by sending emails to the residents.  some of whom didnt care for what i had to say…sooo…. they started a campaign to have everyone remove their name from my mailing list…which i honored.  now i find that those who have not publicly removed their names are being harassed and intimidated.

thanks to the good people at wordpress and their cool blogs… everyone can be a good condo camper and remove their name from my email list without fear of retribution..from what i call  the controllers…..they can read my musings..manifestos..and diatribes without fear of the wrath of the controllers.

sooo…..from here on out i will refer to the condo as wonderland since i have refered to the goings on as the chess game and the condo as wonderland in my emails and links..which i hope you will enjoy.

thank you for taking your time to read this..



while this blog is written for a very specific audience..the residents of wonderland..it has picked up a following outside the realm of wonderland..around the globe.  i guess the goings on here are not unique but universal among people who live in condos..apartments..planned communities..or as a relative used to say..just to damn close to each other.

since my emails days i have picked up a trusted informant..deep throat..or dt..named after the watergate informant. dt has become a valuable source of information from deep within the inner workings of wonderland and big part of the blog.

most recently we added wonderlands edward snowden as a valuable informant..wes onl pops in via computer..hes a techy..


thank  you for reading..hope you will enjoy the world of a condo cat.