when pigs fly

dt slid in..said..

whats up little buddy..

not much…whats up with wes..i havent seen him in awhile..

wes is leaning how to fly drones..

fly what..


whats a drone..

where have you been..

right here in wonderland..so whats a drone..

they are small remote controlled aircraft..


and why would you take the time to fly one..

they have little cameras and can see lots of neat stuff thats unavailable to you..

whats unavailable to me..

everything over one foot off the ground..

very funny..

think of a drone as a humming bird with a camera that you can tell where to go..

id tell em come to lilly..dinner time..


lets see if we can discuss this without you constantly thinking of your next meal..

ok..ok..so the little hummer with a camera can fly around wonderland and look in windows etc..

yep..and you will be able to watch on the ol dell..

you mean i will be able to see in windows..

uh huh..

even on the third floor..

and higher..

we can see who is using their fireplace for heat instead of ambiance and all sorts of other infractions..and..and..

you got it..

this is going to be great..tell wes to get popping..we are going to add a whole new dimension to this blog..

he is on board..so to speak.. keep your eyes open for the test flights..

this will be like being able to fly..wow..when cats fly..

i was thinking of when pigs fly..