state of wonderland

dt sashayed down..said..

whats up little buddy..whats new in wonderland..

well ive been taking inventory..


yeah..ive been walking around wonderland looking at the condition of things..


and things are looking pretty shabby around the place..

oh here we go..

i mean coming in the drive there are big tree limbs down along the side of the road..a dead tree knocked down by the last ice storm overhanging the entrance to the garage..looks like crap before you even get to the building..


and when you walk around the building there are tree limbs down every where..the shrubbery needs pruning..mulch washed out onto the front walk..

thats because some genius removed the brick planter boxes..

yeah and now the mutts can pee on the plants and dig them up..and nobody ever buried the soaker hoses..brilliant..

is there more..

oh yeah.. the tree stump that took 2 years to grind up..

it did finally get ground up..

yeah but they left all the its gone from an old stump to a big pile of crap..looks like an indian burial mound out there..and whats with the old bag of mulch left in front of the building..

to heavy to take to storage..

oh and the pool..

your watering hole..

well im having a hard time getting out there..the weeds growing through the fence are over my head..

overgrown weeds

no comment..

i thought you guys had a big fee increase to take care of the place..

oh we did..the building was going to collapse without it..

building collapse

from neglect maybe..what about the fire alarm..

shhhhhhhh…be very very quiet..

hey how about the parking regulations..

the old car..

really adds to the ambiance of the place..tags over 2 years old..cobwebs..thought we had rules about junkers..

we do..

so whats going guys raised the fees and the place is going to hell..

i guess no one cares..

why is there a board if nothing gets done..

resume builder..