look out xalapa

dt comes running down..why are you running..whats up..

i wanted to make sure you were here..

why wouldnt i be..where did you think i was..



mexico..here look at this news article..

Cat stands for election in Mexican city

Campaign shines light on political disenchantment with slogan: ‘Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat’

Morris the cat

that cat is a dead ringer for you..

lets not use the term dead..

well it looks just like you..

i beg to differ..im much cuter..

yeah..yeah..anyway this article gives me a great idea..

which is..

well..wonderland has a board election coming up and if this cat can run for mayor of xalapa you could run for the board of wonderland..

im not sure about this..id rather be a pulitzer price winning journalist..

you havent won a pulitzer..

i won a book..from that sweet lady at bananasandprunes.wordpress.com

she felt sorry for you..anyway..i can see it now..

Morris the cattired of voting for rats..vote for lilly the cat

thats not me..

close enough..ill get started making stickers and posters..this is going to be fun..