alien invasion of wonderland


dt pitty patted down said..

holy moly..have you seen all the emails about wonderland being invaded by lady bugs and stink bugs..

i guess people have to have something to do while waiting with agonizing anticipation for their new parking assignments..but to pontificate about bug extermination..


youre probably right..mindless dribble about bugs..its meaningless..

au contraire..look at all the things things i have learned from these emails..

  1. everyone in wonderland has a personal relationship with an exterminator or worse yet..a relative thats an exterminator..i heard dt has a cousin that gets high smoking ear candles.
  2. we dont have an invasion of lady bugs they are dastardly foreign impostors..japanese beetles..i guess this is payback for that little a-bomb thingy.
  3. dont suck up your stink bugs with your vacuum cleaner..the little whirly-bird thingy chops them up and..guess what..there is a reason theyre called stink bugs..duhhhh…
  4. you can get a doctor degree in bugs..oh well i guess it beats education..
  5. stink bugs can walk right off fly-paper…how cool is that..
  6. japanese beetles are protected by the state of tennessee..really..think that has anything to do with the nissan headquarters being here..
  7. one resident wrote a 587 word thesis on the invasion of wonderland…followed up with videos of puppies..someone has way toooooooo much free time..

this sounds serious..

we must have a call to arms..the aliens have invaded wonderland..


tin foil hattitle block 3








oh by the way.. the christmas light grinch has struck again..



maybe all those people worried about the little stink bugs need to be concerned about the big one..more to come….