the coon

dt popped on down said..

well the raccoon is gone..


thank the lord..the scrawny flea bit varmint has been eating my cat food..

like you didnt have enough..

not the point..that trash can rat probably had rabies or worse..lord knows what ive been exposed the way thats not a picture of the little scavenger..

its a file photo..he didnt want his real picture used..

he didnt want his real picture crap..that thing looked like a mangy possum with a mask on..

well..little buddy..he is going to be treated and returned to wonderland..

what..treated for what..

his injuries..

what did he get indigestion from eating too much cat food.. bit him..

how did that happen..aren’t dogs suppose to be on a leash..

well wonderland has residents that dont think that law applies to them..

oh i know..i put up with little mister special all the who is paying to have the masked rodent put back in service..

supposedly the owner of the dog..

good grief..does nobody in wonderland have a firearm..

now youre being politically incorrect..

politically incorrect..treating a disease carrying dumpster diving rodent is politically correct..first you morons put out salt blocks to bring in the four legged tick infested lyme disease carrying deer and now youre going to add rabies to the menu..whats next..the plague..a mosquito colony to spread west nile virus..

settle down fuzzy wuzzy..

settle down..wait till the place comes down with rabies because of leashless the wonder dog..


youre exaggerating..

how many times have i said..and you wonder why we call it cant make this stuff up..

well keep an eye out for wonderlands newest pet..he should be chauffeured back to wonderland any day now..

he better not be planning on starting a blog..