two years and counting

dt boogied down said..

ya know we are at the two year anniversary of the lawsuit..

and no settlement in whats being done to resolve this mess..

a cookout..


the boards having a cookout..


two years and nothing..


i have forgotten what this mess was about..

in a nut shell..who gets to make the rules in wonderland..

i thought the association tried to amend the rules in the by-laws a couple of months ago..

they did and the new rules failed to get enough votes..

soooo..a couple of months ago everyone understood the process..

but they couldnt get enough votes for their rules..

the owners spoke..end of closed..

au contraire little buddy..the board still wants more rules..


but they had a vote and lost..

so now they want to change the game..lower the number of votes to pass their rules..

good grief..


so how many votes do they think they want to pass their rules..

well they started out with a simple majority of the association..

pfffttt..they didnt get that either..

so now the scuttlebutt is that the board..alone..should be able to make rules..after all other condo boards do it..


and other condo boards get to assess..

and they would love to have that power also..

sounds like a power hungry board..

well after all..the people that elected them cant be expected to have the sense to manage themselves..or know whats good for themselves..thats why they elected the smartest people in the building to manage their lives..

and now after two years..




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