all the news in wonderland

dt sweated in..said..

have you read the news letter little buddy..

no..i am not on the mailing list..


so whats the news in wonderland..

here you go..

Feeding Lily

We have had numerous issues with neighborhood cats and other animals coming to our front porch for food. Not only is this unhealthy but it is potentially dangerous as the animals may be diseased or unfriendly. Lily the cat is fed away from the condo on the parking deck by the dumpster. Please don’t put food bowls out front near the steps. crap..its starting to look like a game preserve around my bowl..

thats bowls..with an s..

so ive been relegated to the garbage the varmints arent going to show up out there..

out of sight..out of mind..

just get a gun and dispose of the diseased vermin..sheeeeesh..and they misspelled my name..hey genius..we know you read the blog..get it right..

heres another tidbit from the letter..

General Reminders

Remember to keep your dog on a leash and pick up after bathroom duty.

let me explain this to everyone..leashless the wonder dog is on a leash..the problem is that there is no owner on the other end..

hey..he is on a leash..

metro codes say the mutt must be under control..on a leash..meaning..leashless needs an owner on the other end of the leash..

well thats picky..

picky..i guess paying to patch up a mangy raccoon wasnt lesson enough..wait till cute lovable ol leashless the wonder dog decides to bite someones pet or a resident..i bet that will cost a little more than putting some salve on a raccoons ass..and bathroom duty..who is writing this mindless dribble..the mutts crap on the lawn and no one picks it up..

easy there cat..oh heres one more for you from the all thats news in wonderland letter..

Please be considerate about not parking in visitor parking unless you have special permission of the Board. We have had numerous occasions where visitors could not find a place to park because residents had taken up the spaces.

well no know the whole problem is that everyone wants to tell everyone else how to live..but they dont think they need to abide by the same rules..dogs running crap everywhere..dogs peeing in the flower beds..dribble dick dogs in the elevator..parking in the visitors spots..flower pots in the common area..need i go on..


the ol do as i say not as i do mentality..

wonderland has made an art form out of that one..anything else..

one more..

Herb Garden

xxx xxxx and xxx xxxx have donated and planted some herbs out front beneath the Guest Room window. They include a small rosemary and two spearmint plants for any xxxxxxx residents to pick and use. Additional herbs will be added. The plants will multiply and make plenty.

multiply and make plenty..nailed that one..please see our june 6 blog..slum garden..sooo our guests in wonderland wake up to some old greeny weeny harvesting herbs from out under their window…good morning wonderland..

who dosent like herbs..

whats next..a dog park..never sure leashless the wonder dog will add his own special additive to the community slum garden..mean while ill be eating out next to the garbage dumpster..hey wonderland enjoy your dog pee herbs..heh..heh..