black friday

dt rolled down said..

ate too much didnt you..

it was not use to eating so much pie..

you poor heart breaks for you..

very funny..

so whats new in wonderland besides a head start on morbid obesity..

its black friday..

so everyone went shopping..

not the same black friday..a bunch of people are all bummed out..they feel betrayed..bamboozled..lied to..they are depressed..

you mean the fireplaces..

yep..could have been turned on weeks ago..the work on the faulty fireplace was completed before the maintenance guy went on vacation and our new president used his vacation as an excuse..


but people pay for the gas..why deny the amenities people pay for..

one of two reasons..incompetence or control..

oh yeah..the power of office..control the unwashed masses..the uneducated..

could be plain ol incompetence..

but the result is the same people feel they were lied was broken and that takes a long time to overcome..

a lot of singing kumbayah..

not sure there are enough versus..a black friday indeed.