board meeting of peace and love

soooo..board meeting this wednesday…far out..i that you people have embraced this whole along together..thing..what is there to meet about…why would you bother to show up..oh yeah…you need to abolish restrictive that you adult people are going to act like adults…whoa..the condo..pka wonderland..enters the age of aquarius…while your about free form parking..leave the front spots for the lame and old folks..and the rest of you just get along out in the garage..

hey…speaking of old folks..are you all going to start looking that you are behaving differently..

hopefully deep throat will go to the meeting so dt can bring back all the radical news of the transformation of wonderland into……..whoa………woodstock..

this is going to be awesome…..heres a peak into the future..

peace and love


as gaston use to say when chickens have teeth