the great wonderland snow

dt skated down..said..

well little buddy..did you play in the snow..

play in the snow..whats the matter with you..

i thought maybe you would fish a pie plate out of the dumpster and go sledding..

sledding..if i fall off im dead..the damn stuff is over my head..i should be wearing an avalanche beacon..

avalanche rescue

youre exagerating..

how much snow did wonderland get..

about 9 inches..

and how tall am i genius..

uhhhhh..well..i guess your image is larger than life…

have you ever taken one of those intelligence type test thingys..


what was the score..and dont tell me 160..

well uhhhh..

did you break out of double digits..

by the way..

yeah..thats it..change the subject double d..

double d…

im changing your moniker from dt to double d..for double digit iq..

im leaving..

see if you can clear some snow off someones car on your way..

thats why i came down tell you about all the acts of kindness during the great wonderland snow storm..

bingo..youre finally getting around to why you are down here harassing me..youre lucky im not going to dub you single d..

stop it fuzz ball..

so tell me what your pea brain is so excited about..

the residents of wonderland are cleaning each others cars off..helping each other..helping people get out..

by the way..did you see the south of the border snow plow operators..

no why..

not a clue..they hadnt seen snow when they couldnt figure out the plow technique they abandoned the plow and shoveled the drive by hand..

no joke..

nope..they were out there taking pictures of themselves in the snow..

i bet that was great to see..

easy for you to say..

what do yo mean..

i cant see over the top of the snow..


shut up single d..

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