new years eve in wonderland

dt popped down said..

well little party animal..are we ready for new years..

you betcha..always a high point for me..and here in wonderland its not to hard on the old body..

hows that..

by 9 pm all the old farts are partied out and in bed..i can still get a good nights sleep..

or they partied two days early..

i still dont get that one..anyway party hard..finish by nine.. could run buck nekid through the halls at midnight and no one would know..

i am buck naked wise guy..and anyway youre the one that gets nekid..

you know what i mean..

anyway..somebody shot a little video last new years in wonderland..and wonderlands own edward snowden..wes.. made it available to us..

the video..

the video..

you cant publish that..

why not..

once the general public finds out..well..

everyone will want to live in wonderland..


and property values will go up..


unlike the nasty rumor created by the controllers that my cutting edge blog would cause values to go down..

no one on the outside knows who we are..

the controllers told..told a realtor..geniuses..out and out geniuses..

oops..forgot about that..

but now our video will undo all the damage done by those awful grinches and make us the hot spot to live..

so are you going to share it..

oh the way is that you in the vid..







no comment..

happy new years from wonderland..

dt and lilly

special thanks to our new friend V at..

did we spell it right..