black friday 2014

same as last year..dt rolled down said..

ate too much didnt you..

it was not use to eating so much pie.. poor heart breaks for you..

very funny..

so whats new in wonderland besides a head start on morbid obesity..

its black friday.. what..

like last black friday..a bunch of people are all bummed out about the way things are being run in wonderland..they are depressed..

you mean the fireplaces again..

no they were turned on this year..this year there is a lot..and i mean a lot..of grumbling about the way this board is spending money..

well how does their spending compare to the budget..

thats just it..there is no budget..

there is still no budget..

just that mess from last fall that was never finished or approved..

i thought the budgets were suppose to be presented and approved at the annual meeting..

didnt happen..

and the reckless spending..

everything is a crisis..whether its redoing the landscaping or filling a pot hole..


may be its just a bunch of pet projects the board doesnt want to be constrained by budgets or roberts rules..

oh..they are not me…

how does this happen..dont you people have a happened to kumbayah..holding hands and singing..political correctness…

that doesnt fit the agenda..wonderland has a self appointed monarchy..we are more divided than ever..and its all because of you..and your little blog..

who happens to believe in freedom of speech..

you dont get you..this is wonderland..

..a black friday indeed.


we who engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. we merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive. mlk jr