once again

by lillythehtcat

it has recently been confirmed..once again..that this little blog has been under investigation…so we thought it appropriate to republish our  post from march 2013..

lilly..dt and wes


another award

by lillythehtcat

so…dt.. tell me about the attorney that was hired to investigate us for criminal activities..

what do you want to know..

lets cut to the chase..who paid the attorney..

well i know a guy who knows a guy who…

youre beating around the bush..who paid..

well uh.. i think..well sources say..um..uh..rumor has it..

the association paid

no way..the board wouldnt approve that..its not in the minutes..is it..

no but supposedly the bill was passed on to the management company for payment..

uh..let me get this straight..the homeowners association..of which you are a member..and pay monthly fees..paid an attorney to investigate you and me..


you paid to investigate yourself..

uh..i suppose…..

oh…hang on..mmmppff..chhhkkaa..mmpff..uh..hang on…

stop laughing..its not that funny..

your money..that is suppose to go to the upkeep of wonderland..just funded an investigation of the lilly the cat blog..for criminal activities..criminal like..freedom of speech..

you are enjoying this way too much..can you..just for one minute..stop laughing..

look..i dont know which narcissistic paranoid homophobic sociopath hired an attorney..and who decided the wonderland homeowners association should pay for it..but whoever it is.. they certainly deserve an award,.. sooo.. here is another..


tweedle dee tweedle dum award

you know..this is what gets the controllers so whipped up about your little blog..

but this is so delicious..

you cant replace the torn entry carpet..

there are cracks in the sidewalk that even i can fall in..

you have hired and paid 3 different pillow fluffers to rearrange the lobby furniture..

you cant figure out the parking..

or the rules..

or that water runs down hill..

but you paid an attorney to..


lilly the cat..


criminal activities..



and you wonder why we call it wonderland..