what difference

this blog..as most is about the goings on of our wonderful little condo community that deep throat and i call wonderland..and while we are trying to wake up the residents of wonderland..

maybe you should call it sleepy hollow..

ok dt..let me finish..well we hope all of those..that dont live in wonderland..find humor in our situation…

as a lot of you have surmised..we renovated wonderlands swimming pool about six years ago and apparently it has bugged the crap out of a few residents who cant understand how the budget was overrun by about 2 1/2 times..

was this a government project..

no..wonderland..anyway..a pesky few..who just cant let things be..have been asking for records..and the following are a few excerpts of recent emails we thought our readers would enjoy..although..

what difference does it make..

from may 17..

we found a few bills  and invoices relative to the pool, along with notes and letter maybe, I’m not  sure. We put them in a booklet of their own marked “Pool,” and put that in the  locked file cabinet on the xxxxx floor. It is no longer there, as I understand  it. What happened to that booklet, I have no idea.

what happened to that booklet..i have no idea..

sounds a little suspicious..

see deep throat..thats your problem..you just cant let things be..if the secretary of state of the united states of america can say..what difference does it make..surely the secretary of wonderland can say..

what difference does it make..


so what about the email of may 28..

from the same author of the may 17 email..

You do understand that when xxxxxx and I said a folder marked “Pool” was
missing from the file cabinet, it was not full of documents about the pool
renovation project? It  contained all the documents we found in the shopping
bags full of loose papers that had anything at all to do with the
pool–since the condo opened in xxxxxxx, whenever it opened. There wasn’t
much, if anything about the pool reno project, but then I did not really
read each document closely so I can’t tell you for sure what they were, but
none looked pertinent to me. Just so you know. Nothing vital has been lost
as far as I could tell.

huh…nothing vital has been lost..as far as i can tell..whats the problem..

right..nothing lost..shredded maybe..

what difference does it make..

i guess none..

as a result..everyones association fees were increased..

and we had to borrow money for other work..

because wonderland went from a six figure bank account to practically zero..

and we still dont know where all the money went..

no difference..

huh..sounds different when you say it like that..