music videos from past emails and blogs

september 30..2011…bob seger..roll me away

october 4..2011…1812 overture..tchaikovsky

october 11..2011..judy collins..send in the clowns

october 19..2011..jefferson airplane..white rabbit

december 13..2011..the beatles..cry baby cry

december 13..2011..mario lanza..danny boy

march 16..2012

february 14..2012..dean martin..amore

february 17..2012..allman brothers..tied to the whipping post

february 26..2012..queen..killer queen

march 13 …2012..b b king..let the good times roll

march 13..2012..the muppets..the cat came back

march 15..2012..bob seger..khatmandu

march 22..2012..randy newman..mama told me not to come

march 26..2012..john fogerty..bad moon rising