little anne

dt popped down..said..

remember that post you wrote in august of 2014..

about paranoia..

oh when they changed all the locks..

well guess what..

deja vu..

all over again..

what locks did they change..

the pool pump room..

good thing..have you seen what goes on in there..


that’s where the pool plants were kept last winter.. saving little anne this winter..



so who will have a key to the pump room..

our maintenance guy..and maybe the controllers..

pppffffttttt..maybe you should show them where it is..

think they would cross the threshold..

im not going in..its scary

by the you think anyone from the board has ever been on the roof..pppfffftttt..

no..but they seem to know a lot about it..

in the mean time..freezing weather is around the corner and the refuge of the pool plants has been discovered and locked..



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