dt popped in said..

you know theres still a lot of rumbling in wonderland about how much damage your little blog has done to wonderland..


yeah ive been trying to quiet the controllers by saying that one one reads it..

au contraire..let me give you a little up date..

cant you just let this go..

not going to happen..and if something happens to me i expect you and wes to carry on this award winning bit of journalism..

so now youre elevated from anarchist to journalist..

lets review..

i was afraid of this..

this little you like to call it..has 220 subscribers..we thank each and every one of them..not a lot in the grand scheme of things..but that number would certainly cover all of wonderland several times over..

oh boy…

and..i might add..we have been viewed almost 22000 times..

this isnt helping you know..

in..are you ready for this..


in 79 countries..which i have listed below..


and weve been investigated by at least four attorneys..

so……the people who are obsessed with this have a perfect right to be..

theyre just paranoid..heres a little challenge for our obsessed paranoids in wonderland..

go to the bottom of the page

there you will find a search box

type in..

the proper name of wonderland

the address

your name

enter anything that would identify this blog with your reality

find anything

no are certifiably paranoid

we suggest medication

im calling the attorney

butttttt…you know henry kissinger once said..even a paranoid has some real enemies.

can you stop..

heres another gem..i envy paranoids.. they actually feel people are paying attention to them..susan sontag


hey..thanks to all the sane people from around the world that have enjoyed the paranoia of wonderland..


where the heck is tuvalu..

look it up..