secretso dt sneaks down..says..

wooooo-eeeeee there are some unhappy people in wonderland..

now what..

its the secrecy thing..

do you mean secrecy or sneaky..

well i guess in this case they go hand in hand..

so what set this off..

it appears that after the cost saving brainstorm…

the brainstorm where they proposed getting rid of our maintenance person..

yeah..that one..anyway..without further discussion..they have started implementing stuff without telling anybody..

stuff that affects people..

like turning off the common area air conditioners..


yeah the lobby is like a sauna..

you need some of those wooden benches..

this doesnt make sense..

sure it long are you in the hall..just hold your breath and run..

and guess who came to the surface to direct from the shadows..



ol mister i dont want to be involved least not out in the open..

you know the problem is we have people that think they are so much smarter than everyone else they just feel free to implement their a parent..

why cant things be out in the know keep people informed..let them have a the opinion of people that know stuff..maybe even let them contribute..

no..that wont work..theyll just muck things up..and after all whos smarter than us..

well what else has happened besides turning off the air conditioning..

thats just it..when they sneak around implementing crap..youre never really sure..

sneaky2we know whats best for you

wasnt this the board that was going to heal things..

uh huh..this and the last one..

ppppfffttttttt..the one that got us sued..

weve gone from the controllers to the healers..

put em in a bag and shake em up..ppfffttt..anyway i guess thats why wonderland needs a blog..


so you have good ol lilly the cat keeping an eye on things and reporting..

sneakwhos sneakier than a cat..

and lets not forget we have a law suit thats over a year old..a fire alarm system..

dont say it..

a budget committee that was disbanded nine months ago and never reconvened and then we tell people to turn off the water when they brush their teeth while we sneak around doing god knows what..


annual meeting is coming..