toot sweet

dt bounced down..said..

well you look happy..

i am..spring is hunting critters and pretty soon the pool will be open and all you people will be out there laughing it up..feeding me goodies..cheesy bits..yep good times are around the corner..

dont put the sun block on yet fuzzy wuzzy..

what do you mean..

wes says theres a good chance the pool wont open on time..

what.. fact nobody seems to know when it will open..

and the reason..

well..the pool has to be drained and refinished..and nobody has lined up a contractor to do the work..

what do you mean nobody has lined up a contractor..this is the busiest time of year for pool people..

uh huh..

how long have we known that we need to refinish the pool..

only about a year..

and we are sitting here a few weeks out with our proverbial finger up our…

settle down..

settle down..that pool is my social life..its part of my dietary plan..i swear if im not basking at the pool snacking on handouts and cheesy bits come the middle of going to start naming names around here..

remember the lawyers little buddy..

oh i remember..maybe if ol you know who would get off the phone with the lawyer and actually do something besides flouncing around trying to look competent we could actually manage this place..

nice tirade..

cut off my snackies and cheesy bits..maybe we should cut off the source of wine and brie around here..then we will see something get done toot sweet..

empty pool

toot sweet..

yeah..toot sweet..and i suggest the pool get fixed toot sweet or some toot isnt going to be so sweet..

i feel an award coming..

i feel the wrath of lilly coming..