bring lunch

dt came by said…

theres a board meeting tonight..

wow..its been a are they finally gonna discuss the the controllers were taking over the building..

its not on the agenda..

huh…so what is on the agenda..

committee reports..

thats it..committee reports..thats it..

yep.. better pack a lunch..

pack a lunch..

yep..youre going to be there a long while..what is there 10 or 12 committees..thats going to be one long meeting..youll need a lunch..youll get hungry after so long..

first of all who said i was going and second..i believe i can get through a board meeting without eating..

sounds like a long not sure i could go that long without eating..

well..little miss 6000 calories a probably couldnt..

hold active..i do a lot round here..

you would probably be less expensive if we had a condo pony instead of you..

whoa..wuh whoa whoa whoa..a condo pony..what dumb ass pony is going to write a blog or act cute or catch vermin or..

or eat vermin..and im not so sure a pony is that dumb..

well you dont see anyone riding a cat around a parking do you..

maybe the cost cutting committee could look into replacing you with a pony..

ive had enough of going to go hunt chippies..

well i happen to dig a pony..


stop it.