lillys olympic 1

alright…im past the 72 hour mark..still alive and feeling pretty good.  so now that deep throat has worried the living crap out of me about drinking bad pool water not to mention the deer bowl…i think we are back to normal..the pool tastes great and i wont be going near that stupid deer fact that disease carrier needs to go away.  and deep throat..well im biding my time..dt is going to pay for this..but i will wait for the right opportunity.

anyway..while i was sick with worry and not sleeping much..i have been watching the olympics..and just let me say..theres a lot about this i dont let me give you my thoughts so far..

opening ceremony..boring

swimming..whats the point..back and forth..back and forth..boring

gymnastics..heck..i have done half that stuff falling out of a tree

archery..crap..thats hunting stuff..scares me

beach volleyball..youre kidding..right..i mean id like to have a sand box like that..but this is a game for people who are afraid to go in the water when they are at the beach

badminton..why do they call it badminton..what is bad about the rather watch hummingbirds

shooting..see archery

weightlifting..if its that heavy..get someone to help

cycling..some pretty cool last something where people look like they are cheating death

luge..when does the luge start..i really got interested in the luge after the old geezers..that were in charge of salting the roads when it snows here forgot to call the salt people..

it was way fun to watch cars come shooting down the hill..backwards..that was when i realized the luge was another one of those cheating death sports and fun to watch. to go..fencing is coming what is this about