dt melted in..said..

where in gods name have you been..everyone thought you were dead..

the olympics..


the olympics..wes and i went..or is that me and wes..anyway…

the olympics have been over for almost a week..

uh…we were detained..


yeah..wes got into a bad batch of local tequila..was involved in some sort of brouhaha involving the local police and we had to stay a few extra days..

and where were you..

in the cat carrier why..

youre putting me on..

nope..oh and did you know that unlike wonderland they really frown on drinking out of the pool..some chick with shoulders wider than the hood of a buick swung a medal at me..

im not believing a word of just got lazy this summer and hid out in the parking garage..


ok fuzzywuzzy..did you go see the luge event while you were there..

im not falling for that again..anyhow..whats been going on while we were gone..

while you were staying cool in the garage..

come on spill hearing rumors..

well one of the controllers is about to move out..

i heard its the real deal..

yep..supposedly gone by labor day..

wow..going to miss ol lyin eyes..we need to plan an event..

well theres talk of a conga line going floor to floor..

perfect..wes brought back a case of tequila..but you kind of sad..


yeah the blog is loosing a lot of material..gee..this is a big going to do a tribute..

oh crap..ill call the attorney..

im listen to a little music while i work on an appropriate tribute..

we may have to retire this one..