annual meeting update

so dt wandered down..said..

looks likes there is going to be a fee increase in wonderland..

says who..


i thought he was drastically against a fee justification..except crap buried in the operating budget and a new elevator..pppffffttttt…

well wes says we have to cover unexpected new costs..

like what..

the costs of all the meeting notice mailings and the cost of the meeting room..that we didnt use..because we couldnt figure out how to send out absentee ballots and proxies..the mail was expensive..let alone the room..

what is wes some kind of comedian now..

HALIneptness costs money, pppffftttt.

very funny wes..what else is new..

theres a rumor that the board may be backing away from the proposed fee increase..seems there isnt enough support to pass it..

there never was always one mans yearly obsession to raise fees..nothing ever based in fact..

HALVoodoo Accounting.

thank you wes… the whole tone of this meeting may be changing..

if those that remain in power are wise..


or the annual meeting is going to look like the 68 democratic convention..


and wes says the board will put limits on any discussion..

they need to remember..its an association meeting..not a board meeting..

good luck with that..

remember all business is the associations business..