wes..is that you…

HALYes Lilly.

jeez it gives me the creeps when you pop onto my computer like that..

HALI’m a spy Lilly.

i know that..but youre suppose to be spying on wonderland..not me..

HALOh I have been, I just wanted to chat with you, you look nice this morning.

you can see me too..crap..im covering the camera thingy..

HALPutting your paw over the camera won’t help.

you cant see me..

HALIs that bunny fur on your lips?

pfft..pfft..pfft…dammit wes..

HALJust messing with you.

thats not funny..this spy thing gives me the willies..

HALOh you don’t have anything to worry about, though you might think about deleting your browser history once in a while.

uhhh..uh..yeah..uh..delete brows….

HALYou’re a saucy little kitty.

stop it..dont you usually tell dt whats going on in wonderland..why are we having this little chat..

HALDT is getting blamed for everything, there aren’t any secrets in Wonderland so I thought I would let you in on the news myself.

are they still monkeying with the budget and trying to raise the fees..

HALWonderland is coming apart like a soup sandwich.

soup sandwich..that sounds good..

HALIt’s a metaphor, not a real sandwich.

oh..what do you mean coming apart..

HALDeceit is a hard thing to control.

whats going on..come on wes..spill the beans..

HALPatience little buddy.





tap tap..are you still there..



HALStill here.

jeez your creepy..

HALDon’t forget that browser history, oh, you don’t have an iphone do you?

no..i dont have a phone..im a cat..why..

HALJust wondering, well got to go check on Wonderland, there’s a lot going on.

dammit..tell me..tell me..

damn spies..