take a look around

dt shimmied down..said..

your blog keeps on working..

how so..

that tree overhanging the drive..


finally got cut..

ppppffftttttt…did you see the workmanship..

uhh no..

here take a look..

property tree

looks worse than it did before..

it gets better..

tell me..

the part they cut off..they drug across the drive and chunked it..

youre kidding..

take a look..

tree disposal

who in the name of wonderland is managing this place..

well i guess the tree cutter thought our drive way was a dump since it is already full of debris..

drive debris 1

drive debris 3

drive debris 2

nobody cares..our management company sends a bunch of rubes out here to work on the place and…

and nobody on our illustrious board follows up..on anything..

the place is going to hell..

and mean while our elected officials are planting ferns to replace a hedge bush..

hedge replacement

or looking up to see if the sky is falling..

chicken little

and for this we increased the fees..

but wait..the board is going to cut down two giant cottonwood trees..

i cant wait to watch that with the quality of work men the management company sends us..

tree cutting 1

tree cutting

and why are we spending thousands of dollars cutting down two cottonwood trees..

to stop those pesky little fuzz balls from floating around every spring..

pppffftttt..does the board think that cutting down these two will intimidate the other 923 cottonwoods in the neighborhood from producing seed fuzzy thingys..


yeah this will get the cottonwoods in the neighborhood talking..did you see what happened to those guys in wonderland..we better stop making fuzzies..brilliant absolutely brilliant..

give our board more money..

theyll find a way to blow it..

so our board..


and our management company..

ditto..management is fairly easy..just do what our board doesnt..take a look around..