dt popped down said..

you know..ol girl..

here we go..

during the celebration week we got a lot of questions about why there are not more pictures of you in the blog..

you know i dont like having my picture taken..

has it ever been made..

im not sure..maybe once or twice..

well someone got one of you from the confines of wonderland..

oh crap..

yep here take a look..

me 20150225 cropped

wow that was back before the grass grew over my head..


im glad you have such a positive image of yourself..

i do and why are you snickering..

well in the picture it looks like you are stalking a plastic grocery sack..

thats a sandstone outcropping..there was a wildebeest hiding behind it..

a wildebeest..


i was hunting..

i dont think that plastic bag is big enough to conceal a wildebeest..

its sandstone..a sandstone out cropping..and i saw a wildebeest hiding behind it..

theres not a bit of sandstone on this hill..you were stalking a grocery bag..

its a matter of perspective..im much lower to the ground..

perspective..right..it makes plastic garbage bags look like wildebeests..

its sandstone..there was rustling behind it..

like a plastic bag in the wind..

like a herd of wildebeests on the serengeti plain..

you live in nashville..bwamba..

who took an unauthorized picture of me in the first place..

paparazzi..the reporting of wonderland has made you famous..well..maybe infamous..

thats me..hey..do you think that picture makes my butt look big..

you could be a kardashian..

do they hunt wildebeests..

uhhhh…………where are you going..hey..hey….

gotta go..wildebeest..