sunday in wonderland

dt skated down said..

well you look annoyed this afternoon..

i am..all that damn cover your ass construction work disturbed my observation of the sabath..

cover your ass construction work..

yeah you know..hurry up and try to replant the trees you cut down before there is an insurrection from the tree huggers that are sans tress..

tree huggers sans trees..interesting..


anyway..dont we have a rule around here that there is to be no construction work done on day of rest..

everyday is your day of rest.. guy..anyway..the rules.. are perfectly right..the rules contractors or other outside workers or movers are permitted on sundays.

there you sunday disturbed because…

i will tell whats interesting..for the past few years there has been an obsession with rules around here..and now we have the board blatantly breaking the rules..

do as i say..not as i do..

you got it..those pesky rules are always for the other guy..never for me..

a farm

well i hope they remember this the next time they want to put the kibosh on somebody..

the kibosh..

the kibosh…hey has anyone figured out what all this is costing..

nary a word..nary a word little buddy..

so much for transparency..