fashion statement

unfortunately..dt slithered down..said..

whats that strapped on your back..

i dont want to talk about it..

heh look like an awac plane..


youre not funny..

really is it one of those radar detectors..

dont you have something to do..

i get it..your so speedy you bought a radar detector in case you break wonderlands speed limit..heh heh..we can call you lightning..

its not a radar detector wise guy..

your getting internet on the go..

look wonderland has a little problem and ive been sworn to secrecy..


even wes..wonderlands edward snowden..told me to keep my mouth shut..

whoa..this is serious..when wes goes dark something big is up..

yep..gotta go..nice chat..see ya later..

hold on there what is that device you are wearing..

ok..but this is the end of it..its a smoke detector..


everybody in wonderland got a smoke detector..seems there is some kind of problem no one wants to talk about and since no one..except you and wes know exactly where i am domiciled..i was told to just keep it near im wearing it..

well its quite a fashion statement..

go ahead..make fun..

i dont think there has ever been a fire in wonderland..

well old you know who on the first floor damn near caught the place on fire a few weeks ago..luckily the daughter came home in the nick of time..otherwise the place would have looked like dresden..

dresden have you got an extra one of those..

sure..let me find an extra large bungee cord for you..


fire 2