undercover..my butt

dt came down said..

hey little buddy..where have you been..everybody in wonderland has been worried about you..

lets just say i had a little run in with a predator..

oooo thats a nasty bite mark on your…

stop right there..ill be fine..


yeah..you know there are some really good people in wonderland..they have been feeding me preemo cat food with antibiotics mixed in..i cant say enough good things about people here..they really come to the rescue when youre down and out..ill be fine..

turn around let me have a look..

you know its this kind of insolence that got you and wes fired..you know youre not on the clock..

speaking  of that..we brought you something for the blog..


yeah..take a look at this..

undercover sign

where did you see this..

theyre all over the neighborhood..

this is hilarious..


its an oxymoron..look at the definition of undercover..

To go “undercover” is to avoid detection by the entity one is observing, and especially to disguise one’s own identity

this is like standing in front of someone and saying..you dont see me..


so whats the operation..

could be illegal car washing or illegal parking in the visitor spaces..

pppffffttttt…jeez i needed a laugh..

oh im not done..how about letting your mutt poop in the zen garden or not hanging on to the leash..or pooping behind the dumpster and not picking it up..or not turning off the water while you are brushing your teeth..

oh thats a good one.. i can hear it now.. drop the brush and put your hands in the air..pppfffttt..

they could be setting up surveillance to see who uses their fireplace for heat when the board ever decides to turn the gas on..

undercover..in wonderland..another oxymoron..

the infractions are endless..this operation could go on forever..

i love it..you guys are great..

are we rehired..

yeah that damn accounting department has been a pain in the ass..

looks like you have enough pain in the ass already..

there you go again..