Oh that smell Can’t you smell that smell Oh that smell The smell of death surrounds you

by lillythehtcat

what are you doing..

what does it look like..


youre brilliant..remind me to give you an award..


no i was out here in the side yard..and…hold on..gaaaaak..erff..phhhtt..guuuuck..

thats nasty..

youre telling me..do you smell whats coming from the building..

i was referring to you..

nice..go stand over there by that open door..

oh good god..whats that smell..

you tell me..wait.. ggaaakkkk..

im out of here..

is that the smell from that poor dog..

dont all dogs stink..

uhh..this one was kind of sick..

sick..crap im the one thats sick..

anyway hes not around anymore..

what do you mean..

he was..uhhhh.. disposed of..

disposed of..


good lord..someone..uhhh..they can do that..

better clean up your act little buddy..


just messin with you..but good god wonderland stinks..

if it smells this bad out here..what does it smell like in there..

hot death..

oooooh that smell
cant you smell that smell
oooooh that smell
the smell of death surrounds you

im gonna puke..

im going back to see whats in the dumpster..good luck with the stink wonderland.