by lillythehtcat

dt slipped in said..


howdy..where the heck have you been..ive been waiting for over a week for a report on the annual meeting..

ive been doing depositions..


yup..looks like the ol boards in hot water again..

over the rules..

that..and they violated the court order at the meeting..

well their claim about the rules violated the agreement..but theres more..

oh yeah..after following procedures for board member nominations they made a nomination from the floor..

so all the absentee ballots and proxies had no idea..

the fix was in..

and now lawyers…..

deja vu all over again..

i think a hubris award is in order..

its been a while..

hubris award


wonderlands entire board

so how much is in the budget for legal fees this year..


ppppffffffftttttttttttt..better add at least a zero to that number..

dont forget our liability insurance..

kiss that good bye..

or add a few zeroes to that number as well..


the board and sycophants want what they want..

ohhhhhh……the sweet irony..

whats that..

the board that so desperately wants to make and enforce rules..

here it comes..

cant obey rules