by lillythehtcat

dt skied down..said..

any news on the rules debacle..

other than a comment supporting rules..on the last blog..not a word..

its been a week..

and nothing from the board..

dont you find it funny that there remains no author..no ownership..

oh yeah..the board is running from this..

theyve let this go out anonymously thinking that if there is no push back..

we just foisted our precious rules on wonderland..

and if there is push back..

someone is going under the bus..

how many times have we seen that in the past..

let a board member go it alone and if things dont work out..splat..

well this isnt going away..

too many people angry with this..especially after a protracted law suit that was suppose to put this behind us..

theyre not going to stop..are they..

youre right..



see you at the party tomorrow..