controller update

by lillythehtcat

so dt..wes and i met last night to discuss the recent memo distributed in wonderland to foist rules..outside of the by-laws..and fines and punishments on the citizenry. here are some interesting observations..

the memo is written twice..with the 2007 total..attached. the memo appears to have two authors yet it is signed by no one..including the board. wes thinks this is intentional so the board can deny involvement when this mess goes south.

because this action was not discussed in recent board meetings we conclude that either..

  1. individuals are acting on their own and in their self interest without board knowledge..or..
  2. the board is meeting in secret to impose its will on wonderland.

either scenario is unacceptable.

the memo wants to inflict fines and in the case of parking..towing off your car..which remedy was found in the 2007 rules..yet the memo turns around and says the new parking protocol supersedes the 2007 rules.

but heres the rub..the new parking protocol makes no provision for fines or which is it the old rules or the new..and please we understand it..the new protocol is part of a court order as a settlement to a recent law suit over these very issues.

during the settling of the above mentioned law suit it was determined that rules were part of the by-laws and subject to the amendment process of the fact an amendment to add the very rules this memo attempts to foist on everyone..was presented to the a special meeting in 2015..and failed to pass.

to whoever wrote and distributed this latest attempt to impose their will on their neighbors..

the people have already voted and rejected your attempt at control.

so please..from all of whoever issued this..get a life..a hobby..join a book club..move to the country..but stop this nonsense before we start spending money..needed for things like a new roof..on lawyers.

lilly..dt and wes