some things never change

by lillythehtcat

dt popped on down said..

youve been mighty quiet lately..whats the got your tongue.. know its stuff like that..that has led me to my decision..

what decision..

well the 5th anniversary of the blog is coming up…and..well…i thought it would be a good time to retire..

what.. work here is done..nothing going on..wes has got me set up with social set..

youre a cant draw social security..

au contraire..wes snarfed a number and new identity for me on line..i think he got it from the russians..

youre suppose to keep that quiet

jeez wes..dont just pop in like that..

sorry..but im always right here..on line

yeah yeah..but it gives me the willies..

well little buddy ive got news for you..

youre buying me a watch for my retirement..

no..the board is trying to resurrect the old rules again..tow cars..impose fines..discriminate..impose their will..

what..i thought that was settled..put to bed..behind us..kaput..

as you would contraire..

but this is the very thing that led to the start of this blog 5 years ago..

seems some things never change..

there was a law suit..a settlement..its been over a year for gods sake..

suit..schmoot..long forgotten..


you cant retire..wonderland needs you..


we are here for you buddy..

our work is not done social security..the watch..the hanging out at the pool..

sorry..but the controllers are back..


time to let all the new people in wonderland whats going on..


its gonna be like old times again.. up the surveillance..

im on it

youre right dt..some things never change..

let the games begin..


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