by lillythehtcat


dt shivered down..said..

whoa is wes ever mad..

wes never gets mad..what is it..

he is having a christmas party and…

hold it..a party..wheres my invitation.. wont go in the building..remember..

oh yeah..forgot..and for good reason i might add..

lets not go there..anyway hes having a party and he says its embarrassing to have his guests come through the unkempt grounds and dead summer plants..

well..hes seems no one gives a crap about keeping up the outside..

and this year wonderland enacted a maintenance fee increase with a big budget increase for landscaping..

i guess it was all spent on the mega-wreath and unlike a lot of tree..


well you dont get fat on dry cat food and pool water when its 20 degrees out..just sayin..some need to close the refrigerator door and..

we are getting off look at this..its our front entry..


but its winter..i bet it looks like this everywhere..

here is the entry to the neighborhood..seems they have use your words..give a crap..


and wonderland..


i think its time for a lilly the cat psa..

on behalf of..

the writers and contributors of this blog

will whoever is in charge of

landscaping and planting


join a book club

or a church

or e-harmony


turn over the up keep

of wonderland

to somebody

that gives a


lilly..dt and wes