youll see

dt popped down..said..

what are you so happy about..

did you see it..


the front porch..the entryway..

the christmas wreath..


no..but what the heck is that still eating halloween candy and we have a christmas wreath up..

where did you get halloween candy..

uuuhhh…anyway i thought we had a christmas lights and decorations until december 1st..

we did away with the rules..remember..

well obviously that was a dumb you have board members that dont know what season it is..spending money on pet projects again..and whats with the landscaping..

what about the landscaping..

two years in a fall/winter plantings..


well..i guess they were too busy picking out wreaths for halloween..instead of taking care of the property..

so if youre not happy about the somewhat early arrival of christmas..what are you happy about..

the outlet..

the outlet..

yeah..obviously now that we are rid of all the hatefulness..someone has installed an electric outlet for my heated kitty pad..on the carpet..under the bench..near the front door..the front door that food comes out thoughtful..

uh..i tend to believe the outlet is for the wreath..

no..the board would never spend that kind of money just for a has to be for my pet pad..


youll see..soon on those cold mornings youll find me napping in heated bliss..waiting on breakfast..

dont hold your breath..

youll see..