its baaaackk

by lillythehtcat

dt slogged on down..said..


whats the matter porky..too much thanksgiving..

you wouldnt understand..

you still have the meat sweats..dont you..

i was going to tell you your little blog seems to still be working..

oh wreath came down the day after i made an issue of it..

the reason was that people complained it was too early..

right..after they read the blog..

but those in charge just couldnt stand not to pat themselves on the back..for this magnificent purchase..and the wreath was rehung the day before thanksgiving..


and our old christmas lights and decorations until december 1st..

again we did away with the rules..remember..

seems we have done away with common sense..

meanwhile..two years in a fall/winter plantings..

grounds look like crap..shrubbery dying..

i guess a premature wreath is suppose to compensate for the neglect..

seems like it..