by lillythehtcat

dt conga  danced on down..said..

where in gods name have you been..

i got assanged..


assanged..someone cut off my internet..

you dont have internet..you were pirating it..remember..

uhhh..well..ive been down anyway..

so what else is going on in your little world..

i finally decided who im going to vote for..

youre voting..

sure..isnt everybody..

but youre a …..oh never mind..so who are you voting for..

im doing a write in..

youre writing in a candidate..

yep..and im urging everyone that reads my internationally famous blog to follow my lead..

im getting that sick feeling again..sooooo..who are you writing in..

vladimir putin..


vladimir putin..

yep..he will whip this weak sister..mamby pamby..wanna be socialist..open boarder..obese..clownophobic..whiny ass country back into shape..

im leaving..

youll see..just wait..and if i were you id start loosing a little weight..

youre a fine one to talk..

just saying…things are gonna be different when ol vlad takes charge..


5 days and counting..