book club

by lillythehtcat

dt bounced on down..said..

whats up fuzzy wuzzy..

dont fuzzy wuzzy mad at you..

like thats something new..what is it this time..

i spent an entire three day weekend sitting out front waiting for the moving van to show because you said the big move was happening..and…no van..what gives..

apparently the deal on the condo went south..

pppfffftttttt..are we surprised..went south like everything is that move..

no still going to happen just later in the year..

uh huh..well i have already said my good done..

we will see..youre never done..

on another note..who is in charge of the grounds around here..


the place is deplorable..over grown shrubs..trimming not being done..the main drive still looks like a dump site for everyones yard debris..

drive debris 1

you would think that after you pointed that out someone would have cleaned it up..

ill tell you the one seems to give a damn anymore.

well i cant argue with you on that..

heres an idea..if you need something to do..instead of running for the condo about joining or starting a book club..

here we go.. can occupy your time without running the place into the ground..ill even help out a little with a few suggestions to get you started..

here it comes..

A Confederacy of Dunces
by John Kennedy Toole

The Caine Mutiny
by Herman Wouk

 The Edge of Sadness

by Edwin O’Connor

A Death In The Family

by James Agee

 All the King’s Men

by Robert Penn Warren

very funny..

hey they are all pulitzer prize the way i am still waiting on my prize for journalism..

uh huh..

oh..dont forget..

Of Mice and Men

by John Steinbeck

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

by Ken Kesey

i cant believe how helpful this is going to be..all these people who got on the board thinking it was a social club can now join the book club and make way for those who can actually accomplish something by being on the board..

where would this place be without me..