a lilly thing

by lillythehtcat

dt danced on down..said..

your blog seems to have got the old car removed..

its amazing what power my writing has..blog it and it happens..

hold on there action jackson..


absolutely nothing has happened with the landscaping..well almost nothing..

youre kidding..


dead tree overhanging the drive..

still there..

dead limbs along side the main drive..


mulch still washing onto the front walk..

still washing..

unburied irrigation hose..


rubbish pile from the stump grinder..

composting i guesss..

weeds growing through the pool fence..

growing strong..

probably the mutt that goes in the pool is fertilizing them..

what mutt in the pool..

never mind..how about the untrimmed shrubbery..


and the dead bush in the hedge out front..

dead hedge

they removed the dead bush..

see there..progress..

not really..

what..theyre waiting on the new bush to fill in the hedge..right..

uhhhh..they planted two ferns with a lilly thing in between..

a lilly thing..what..oh jeez like a burial plot..im gonna faint..im going to be planted right out front where every flea bit yappy dog can piss on my grave..noooooooooooooo..

settle down its a lilly type of plant..


yep..just a few out of place plants where the hedge should be..

and who is responsible for this mess..

landscaping committee i guess..

perfect..by the way..are they color blind..


well..everything seems to be pretty monochromatic out front..wheres the color..

color bust..remember..

and we pay how much for this..

the landscaping down the hill at the entrance is really pretty..

maybe we should get that landscaper..

they would probably know to replace a hedge bush..

and they wonder why we call it wonderland..